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About Us

Who we are

Company Overview

NEXCO-West USA Inc. is a professional engineering company with an extensive background in transportation engineering specializing in the use of indirect and rapid scanning technologies.

What we want

Vision: A Need for Change

A steep increase in deficient infrastructure across the world is prompting more frequent inspection, repair, and rehabilitation efforts.

What We do


NEXCO-West USA's mission is to provide the transportation industry with solutions that will revolutionize the structural inspection processes. Supplementing direct, classical methods of evaluation, we strive to introduce a new phase in the maintenance paradigm: a rapid yet thorough scanning of structures on a network-level to determine priority levels of further in-depth inspection.

What we believe


Contribution to the safety and serviceability of the world's infrastructure is our main priority. Our conviction is channeled into everything we do: from our everyday inspection work, to our pragmatic research and development efforts.


We tackle emergent topics in the civil, transportation, and structural engineering fields using our knowledgeable staff and global network. Our multilingual staff also communicates information across borders to reach greater understanding about various economies.


Masato Matsumoto, P.E.

President & C.E.O.

Kyle Ruske

Technology Leader

Alberto Rodriguez

Business Development Manager

Norie Ogata

Admin. Services Manager

Xavier Carter

Visual Designer

Kaori Sacks

Project Engineer

Saravudh Suphaphol

Project Engineer

Hiroka Kimura

Project Engineer



Company Background

NEXCO-West USA is a subsidiary of NEXCO-West Co. Ltd., formerly a division of Japan Highway Public Corporation. Now privatized, NEXCO-West owns and operates over a third of Japan's highway system.


Global Presence

Our methodology has earned renown not only across state borders, but into Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. For example,...


Research Partners

To further the development of imaging and the implementation of our unique methodologies, NEXCO-West USA conducts ongoing research with prestigious academic programs.